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[Nara] Nara Park

Wild deer living in Nara Park

Deer in Nara Park have been living there for over 1,300 years and are designated as a national natural monument. Currently, there are approximately 1,100 deer living there.

[Nagano] Jigokudani Yaen-Koen

Wild monkeys bathing in a hot spring

Wild monkeys bathing in a hot spring. It was by chance that the monkeys started bathing in hot springs, a wisdom they acquired to survive the harsh cold of Jigokudani in winter, when temperatures dr…

[Tottori] Sand Dunes - Scenic (Info only)

Tourist information only

The Miraculous formative beauty created by sand and winds over a long period. This is exactly what Tottori Sand Dune is all about. The panorama of sand, wind, and sunlight makes people feel the pow…

[Kagoshima] Sakurajima Volcano - Scenic (Info only)

Tourist information only

About 15 minutes by ferry from downtown Kagoshima, Sakurajima is still an active volcano that erupts volcanic ash. It became an island about 26,000 years ago, and 17 large eruptions have been confir…

[Hyogo] Himeji Castle - Scenic (Info only)

Tourist information only *Prices shown are the admission fee and only be paid locally.

From Japanese treasure become to world treasure. Himeji Castle was certified as a World Heritage Site in December 1993. Also known as the "Castle of Egret", its origin is similar to the elegance of…

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Paddling on the river walk with much relaxing! It’s a “Stand up paddle board” so called “SUP”

“SUP” This activity originated in Hawaii. You ride on a big surfboard then paddle over the water. From small children to the elderly, you can feel free to ride and relax.

This is a recommended tour where you can enjoy not only the mountains but also the new side of Yakushima. In Yakushima, you can enjoy SUP on a quiet river with no waves. It's a water walk where you…

【With your charter guide】 From going through the moss forests to the great view of the sky! Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine trekking with Yakushima ingredients special lunch.

After walking through the deep moss-green forest, aiming to the Taikoiwa Rock with a great view of the Yakushima Mountains. Round trip 7km, height difference 450m, it is a course that takes about 7 to 8 hours to reach Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine. Even beginners of trekking, those who are not confident in physical fitness, children of lower grades can participate with peace of mind. Mossy forest is popular with people who like photography. Even in bad weather, you can see the fantastic forest with fog, perfect for enjoying the forest. You can also arrange tour times such as early morning starts or half-day courses. It is also attractive that you can participate on the day you arrive in the morning to Yakushima, or on the day you leave at the evening from Yakushima.

A beautiful green forest in the movie. The nature of Yakushima used for the famous movie. Among them, the beautiful green forest of the famous moss-covered forest is sure to be moved. Visit this fore…

【With your charter guide】 Jomon-sugi Cedar trekking with Yakushima ingredients special lunch. Let’s walking through the forest of thousands years old.

Total walking distance 21km, approximately 12 hours, it's a long trail takes a day. Nature, culture, history, and the charm of Yakushima are packed in such a long trail. Beyond the forest world as if you were in a time slip, Yakushima's king Jomon-sugi Cedar is waiting for you. Let's try the most popular Jomon-sugi Cedar trekking on Yakushima's trekking course. Prices start from a minimum of 2 people per group with your charter guide. Discount is available for 3 or more people. See inclusion section.

The Royal Road of Yakushima Trekking! You can enjoy the history and culture of Yakushima as well as gigantic trees and moss all day long. You can have a fulfilling day listening to the guide's e…

Sawara Itako bike tour from/to Narita International Airport

Sawara Itako bike tour from/to Narita International Airport (58km course, approx. 6 hours)

Sawara / Itako, where located near Narita Airport, is a historic and popular tourist destination since 200 years ago. There are beautiful cycling roads along the Tone River or Lake Kasumigaura. Rid…

Tokyo Country-side bike tour

Tokyo Country-side bike tour (35km course, approx. 3 hours)

We are located in Chiba-Hokuso area where is middle between central Tokyo and Narita Airport. This area is the best place to understand the nature and life unique to Japan. Ride the cycling road wi…

Nagoya at Night - Take a Deep Dive with the Locals!

Nagoya at Night - Take a Deep Dive with the Locals!

Welcome to Nagoya! While others may have skipped over Nagoya for the bright green tourist pastures of Tokyo or Kyoto, by choice or circumstance, you, brave soul, have found yourself with time to frol…