Activities in Japan

Activities in Japan(JIS) is a site dedicated to overseas local tours that handles tours departed from and hosted by cities in other countries.
In addition to a day tour with a Japanese language guide, which is generally called an optional tour, a tour conducted with an English language guide, excursions with overseas departures and overnight stays, marine sports, horse riding, sky diving, etc. We also handle activities etc.
You can apply for Activities in Japan(JIS) at discounted prices without any problems, including those who are traveling freely, participating in overseas tours organized by travel agencies in Japan, and those living overseas.

JIS handling products

  • Local departure tour/experience/activities (Japanese / English)
  • Package including accommodation
  • Activity
  • Car plan such as car charter
  • Arrange interpreters and guides
  • Train, bus, domestic ticket
  • Admission tickets for museums and shows
  • Restaurant arrangements
  • Hotel


Relief and trust

Activities in Japan(JIS) is a regular travel agency company registered as the Director General of Tourism Agency based on the Travel Industry Act of Japan.

Japan International Services(JIS) is travels,experience and activities company with government authorized legal documents.

Qualified as a regular member of the ALL NIPPON TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION(ANTA), an industry group of Japanese travel companies.

Safe and reliable, it is an important point of travel company selection.


Perfect support

Activities in Japan(JIS) has a complete support system, 24 hours response in case of emergency,
you can enjoy traveling abroad with confidence.


Customer first principle

The most important thing of Activities in Japan(JIS) is "customer first principle".
Activities in Japan(JIS) is not a tour company or a distributor of airlines.
Customer side "agent", tour, activity "purchase agent".
We do our daily work from the perspective of the customer, not the perspective of the seller or supplier.


Payment method

In addition to payment by credit card,you can also choose paying on the spot in Japanese Yen.
Credit card fees do not apply to credit card payments except in certain countries/regions.
In the USA,Australia,and Canada including Hawaii,credit card payments are settled in the local currency,and the exchange rates for card company settings at discounted rates.The difference is particularly large for the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar.


Lowest price ever

Activities in Japan(JIS) aims for the lowest price on the market, as well as peace of mind and trust.
The staff regularly checks the price of their peers and adjusts the sales charge for their site.
If the same tour is sold at a lower price than other sites,please let us know and we will try to discount as much as possible.


Ticketless system

Activities in Japan(JIS) can participate in optional tours, activities without a ticket, even if there is no printer!
You can easily jump from My Page to your smartphone, cell phone, information such as meeting time / location, local contact information by email, so if you have the smartphone or cell phone, you do not need to take notes.
e-voucher. The industry's first breakthrough ticketless system.

Asked Questions

Member registration


Can anyone become a member?


You can register for free



Can I call JIS for more information?


JIS is an online booking service and does not offer phone support at this time. For questions or additional information, please contact us by inquire form.



How many days do I have to cancel a booking without being charged a cancellation fee or forfeiting a refund?


Depending on the Operator, you may or may not be charged a fee for cancellation. Find the activity's specific Cancellation Policy on either the activity page or on your issued voucher for details regarding fees and refunds. JIS never charges any additional fees for cancellations.