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Ranch you can interact with horses / Ranch for retired horse care

About 1 hour from central Osaka. It is a horse ranch surrounded by nature. There are 12 horses such as thoroughbreds and ponies, and it is a facility where you can directly touch and ride horses easily.

You can experience interacting with thoroughbreds and ponies. Such as feeding and experience horseback riding. You can also go outside the site by pulling a horse.

You can touch the horse directly, also buy carrots and give them to the horses.

You can ride thoroughbreds and ponies on the premises. Even inexperienced people are okay. The staff will pull the horse, so customers only need to ride the horse.

You can ride a horse and get out of the premises.
We offer three courses: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes. Customers only need to ride a horse. Our staff will pull the horse, so even inexperienced people are okay.
You can enjoy the nature around the ranch on a horse.

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Avenir farm

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2041, Butsunami-cho, Izumi-Shi, Osaka 594-1136

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From 09:00 to 17:00

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Ranch you can interact with horses

Ranch you can interact with horses

It is a ranch where you can feed and pull horses in the facility. You can pull horses outside the facility as well. Horseback riding lessons are also available. Please feel free to visit even inexperienced people.