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Fuji Ranking

Dog cafe and cat cafe in the heart of Tokyo

Located right next to Tokyo Station, it has a dog cafe area and a cat cafe area

Spend a relaxing time with your favorite animal, cat or dog. You can stay in either the dog area or cat area for one hour, and one drink is included in the price.

Ueno Zoological Gardens

Established in 1882, Ueno zoo is the first modern zoo in Japan.

Ueno Zoo is located in the middle of downtown Tokyo. The most popular animals are giant pandas "Lili" and "Xinxing" and their two cubs "Xiao Xiao" and "Lei Lei" born on June 23, 2021.

Akihabara Anime - Experience (Info only)

Tourist information only

Many tourists visit Akihabara, the mecca of Japanese anime. Figures and retro game software are also popular, and not only otaku but also many tourists with large bags of souvenirs can be seen. I al…

Asakusa - Scenic (Info only)

Tourist information only

Asakusa is the most popular tourist destination in Tokyo. Attractions and gourmet restaurants as well as specialty stores for cookware and tableware are also nearby. There are attractions such as S…

Sushi - Food (Info only)

Tourist information only

"Edomae Nigiri" This meaning means Tokyo made nigiri-sushi. In ancient times, people in Japan mainly ate seafood. Eating meat has been popular among people since the 1950’s. The suburbs of Tokyo Bay…

Mt. FUJI and HAKONE 1 day bus tour with Lunch & taking the bullet train on the way back

Escape from the city of Tokyo and discover Japan's natural miracle around the World Heritage Mt. Fuji and Hakone in 1 day!

In this tour we will take you to Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and listed as the World Heritage in 2013, and also take you to Hakone which is famous for its natural beauty and having such a…

Sawara Itako bike tour from/to Narita International Airport

Sawara Itako bike tour from/to Narita International Airport (58km course, approx. 6 hours)

Sawara / Itako, where located near Narita Airport, is a historic and popular tourist destination since 200 years ago. There are beautiful cycling roads along the Tone River or Lake Kasumigaura. Rid…

Tokyo Country-side bike tour

Tokyo Country-side bike tour (35km course, approx. 3 hours)

We are located in Chiba-Hokuso area where is middle between central Tokyo and Narita Airport. This area is the best place to understand the nature and life unique to Japan. Ride the cycling road wi…

LGBT Tokyo Then and Now

LGBT Tokyo Then and Now

Behind every stoic Japanese businessman face there is a secret, thus one aspect of "honne tatemae," which loosely translates to something along the lines of keeping the publicly acceptable face forwa…

The making "TAIYAKI" experience in Asakusa !

This is the only one popular spot in Japan where you can make your own taiyaki !

This is an experience workshop where you can make your own traditional Japanese sweet "Taiyaki". You can make 6 taiyaki per person. You can choose from 11 types of ingredients, such as the …

Make your own glass with the magical glass art

Make your own glass with the magical glass art

You can make your original glass by "sandblast" technique, one of the glass crafts that can sculpt your favorite pictures and characters. Anyone can make a wonderful glass in just 90 minut…

Asakusa Kimono Rental (Half day plan) 【09:30】or【10:30】

Relaxed sightseeing in Asakusa with a good enough 6 hours kimono rental. Enjoy with gorgeous Japanese clothing in traditional town Asakusa.

*It is a recommended plan for you who have many places to go around. Half day 6 hours rental. *All inclusive rental plan. You can join with empty- handed. *Professional dresser is enrolled! Transform…

Martial arts experience!!

You can become a Ninja and a Samurai!

You can transform into a modern ninja and samurai through practice such as swordsmanship, jiu jitsu, shuriken! We will teach you from the basics,so those who are worry it can participate in it at eas…